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Please Sign This Petition! - radical politics/activism in FL

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August 21st, 2009

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12:55 pm - Please Sign This Petition!
Hey guys,
The Sabbath Memorial Pet Rescue here in Miami, FL is in trouble and due to some issues with the landowner having a lean put on his house, they have to shut down temporarily. However, they currently have nowhere to house these animals. They were given just 12 days to evacuate and have about 10 or 9 left. We're petitioning Miami-Dade County to give them an extension on evacuating so that these animals don't have to end up being euthanized. Some of these pets are of people who recently lost their jobs and needed help taking care of their pets and they still come to help with their pets and whatnot. If you can take a second to sign the petition we made below, it would help a lot. And let me know if you'd like to help us out with spreading the word!

Please Sign This Petition! Saves these dogs from being euthanized!

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